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Rising Scottish star Lorn Macdonald (Beats) stars as a self-centred tattoo artist whose fixation on getting a selfie with a famous client embroils him in a bizarre and dangerous game.

Glasgow-based director Ciaran Lyons makes a virtue of his low budget in this blackly comic psychological thriller. Rising star Lorn Macdonald (Beats, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde) stars as Tales, a brilliant but egotistical tattoo artist whose personal life is a hot mess. When an international popstar (Orlando Norman) and his minder (Michael Akinsilure) turn up on his doorstep late at night, it seems like a perfect opportunity to prove to everyone what a Big Deal he is. But when a selfie request doesn’t go as planned, he’s dragged into playing a bizarre game that could ruin his life for good in a directorial debut that bristles with dangerous energy.

writer & director | Ciaran Lyons

producer | Beth Allan

dop | David Liddell


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