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I’m very excited to start shouting about our new purchase. 


This Brand new camera from Red came out in February and we were lucky enough to be one of the first owners and so excited to start pushing our images to the limits with the new capabilities at our fingertips. 


Beautiful 5K Dragon Sensor with incredible dynamic range, rich colours and realistic detailed skin tonality and much greater highlight protection. Just gorgeous images. 

  1. Light and compact body, perfect for gimbal work with DJI-Ronin or Movi. 

  2. Also shoots Pro Res 422HQ or AvidDNX HD at up to 60fps at 2K for more flexible workflows in post, and high content acquisition projects such as documentaries or corporates.  If you want the Red look without the raw files, now you can. 

  3. High speed, High Resolution. Shoots 5K up to 60fps, 4k up to 150fps in a multitude of resolutions, aspect ratios, spherical or anamorphic. So many choices at your fingertips. 

  4. With both a Canon Mount and a PL Mount it can accommodate any production size.


Our Camera package comes with:

1 x Red Scarlet-W 5K Camera

1 x 5 inch Red Touchscreen Monitor

1 x Red Bomb EVF

1 x 120GB mini-mag

1 x 240GB mini-mag

1 x Mini Mag Card Reader

3 x V-Lock Batteries and  Dual Charger

3 x Interchangeable OLPF's (skin tone, standard and low light)

1 x PL Mount

1 x Canon EF Mount

1 x Red Camera Peli Case


1 x DP7 7inch OLED Directors Monitor +  6 x canon batteries + 2 x Chargers + stand

1 x Follow Focus

1 x Matte Box

1 x Vocas Handheld bars

1 x Red Accessories Bag


1 x Tripod + carry bag

Daily Rate for Camera, Monitor, Matte box, Follow Focus and Tripod Package: £350


We can either offer to hire you our own selection of Canon and Nikon stills lenses. Or we can look at different cinema or stills primes and zooms that are available to hire. Fitting the lenses used to the needs of your project. 

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