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Irvine Welsh's Crime | Series 2  (Episodes 1-3)

3 x 50mins

For Crime season 2, detective Ray Lennox is back in the fray at Edinburgh Serious Crimes and keen to prove that he's fully recovered from his breakdown induced by bringing Mr Confectioner to justice. But he’s surprised to find that it’s all change: Bob Toal has lost his mojo, while Amanda Drummond is newly promoted. And there are two new faces on the team in the form of the devious Tommy Stark and failed actor Norrie Erskine. 

Contact me directly to view full selected scenes from the series. 

director | Trygve Allister Diesen

staring | Dougray Scott, Joanna Vanderham, Laura Fraser, John Simm and Ken Stott

director of photography | David Liddell

producer | Helen Ostler

writers | Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanaugh

production company | Bucaneer

For ItvX


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