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highland park | 50 year old


Shot on Red Dragon and Ultra Primes. What a wonderful challenge of product lighting this was as the beautful, intricately designed, decanter was a buffet of complex angles of refelction, textures and shapes.


With whiskey product lighting, you are trying to bring out the natural rich colour of the liquid, the beautiful curves and shape of the bottle or decanter, rich pelasing reflections and highlights, and of course the label should be clear and visible!


Different materials require different techniques depending on their transparancy, reflective quality, colour and texture. It is always very fun to problem solve this. We also played with more ethereal abstract and dynamic lighting which you'll see in the opening shots. 


concept, creative direction & production | mountain

director | ainsley bowman

cinematographer |david liddell

1st ac |steven cook

vfx |ciaran lyons

production assitant | tom collier

sound design | saul davis

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