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efpia | brighter tomorrow


Shot on Alexa Mini with Cooke S4 lenses. We shot all the exteriors in Barcelona to achieve the warm beautiful morning light and faked the interiors on location in glasgow supplementing our own lighting. With the right warm colour gel and choosing the correct angle and height for our hard sunrise source, it proved very effective at matching between the two. We also used flares as a visual motif to further marry the two very different locations together.


The best light in Barcelona was between 8am and 9am so we worked very fast with a small crew to try and gather  as many beautiful shots during this golden hour. We then shot in smaller alleways with high buildings all around during peak mid day sun because the contrast was maintained by the way the sun crept through pockets of space around these buildings.  


director | michael sherrington

dop | david liddell

producer | beth allen

production company | forest of black


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